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Dare to repel your audience?

What successful Brands do to repel their audiences

Oh yeah! That’s right, you heard it.

Successful businesses repel their audiences.

Have I got rocks in my head?

You may be thinking just that but let me tell you a little secret.

There’s two sides to every story.

It’s actually a relief to be repelling. Your brand is behaving well when you are repelling some of your audience (of-course, not all of them). We want our brands to behave well. It’s about attracting the right audience and saying goodbye to the audience that just don’t fit.

Attract some, repel others.

Isn’t that how life works.

There I was, a five year old curled up in the corner of my bedroom, sobbing and mumbling, ‘nobody likes me!’ trying to work out my place in this world. I hear my mother saying to me ‘You can’t be friends with everyone, darling. The fact is, some people will like you and some people won’t! It’s just human nature that we don’t like everyone and that’s OK.’

So, I’m sorry to tell you that this article isn’t about finding your right partner or discussing the mating signals… dilated pupils, feet pointing, sweaty palms, hair flicking, sway walking, everlasting gaze.

However, I am going to tell you how a business can become the attract-repel agent.

How the ‘I’m attracted to you’ game works

When you think about who you are attracted to and why this is so, often it comes down to a few factors.

  1. You instantly like the look of someone. Don’t mention this to my school librarian… Never judge a book by its cover! Truth?
  2. You like the feel or vibe of that person. Good energy or not.
  3. You like the sound of them. Perhaps you like their tone of voice: cool, seductive, fun, arrogant, provocative, logical, empathic.
  4. You love what they say. Your values align, and connection forms. You want more of this. They’re simply irresistible!

Similarly, when it comes to a brand, we behave in a like-manner. You like the look of it, you like how it makes you feel and you like what it stands for and the vibe it projects.

You want clients that get you, that love who you are , what you do, what you stand for, and want the outcomes and promises you deliver.

How do we do this?

 ‘Niche it’

Your business can’t be all things to all people.

You’ve probably have heard it before, don’t be generic be specific. What do you offer, who are your ideal clients, what makes you different to every other business in your industry?


It’s about building your brand from the ground up.

It looks like this.

  1. It starts with you. Your inner core, the essence of you becomes the essence of your brand.
  2. Be clear on your vision and tap into this everyday.
  3. Be really clear on your message. What are you saying to your audience? What do you believe and value to be true?
  4. Be clear about what you want to be know for and be clear on what you offer.
  5. Be clear who your target audience is and who you want to serve.
  6. Understand your WHY and articulate this. People buy you AKA the Brand and not the product.
  7. Be clear on what differentiates you and your brand from others in your industry.
  8. Be clear on what your brand’s vibe or personality is. How does your brand look, feel and sound?

A successful business will ooze attractiveness, irresistibility and magnetic connection when clarity is built into all its communications and consistency is adhere to. See differentiation in action. Check out my home page to find out how I differentiate from other brand strategists, graphic designers and web designers in my industry.

Want to be that irresistibly magnetic brand?

Build with me. I invite you to book ‘Her Next Move’ brand strategy call.

Be that Brand that’s irresistible.

Tell me, what’s your next move? Email me and let me know.

I'm Charli Fels, the energy behind OSTRICH180. I help clients to build irresistible brands that are strategically aligned, psychology driven, from the heart to the head through book publishing.
My desire is for all woman to use their voice, and share their stories through written words, as a published author impacting lives of others far and wide.  

I am very honoured to gift my clients with a high-end experience, collaboratively working with my clients in designing one of a kind designs and extraordinary brands. My clients don't want ordinary. They want to be noticed, be heard and be different.



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